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Are you one of the following?

Aspiring Lawyer.
Are you an undergraduate student trying to figure out if law school is right for you? Or a law student/recent law graduate navigating legal job applications and trying to determine what practice area is right for you?
Transitioning to a different firm, company or agency.
Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Would your skillset be better utilized in a different practice area? Were you recently laid off? Are you looking to go in house? Are you moving to a new city?
Pursuing an alternative legal career.

Is the practice of law no longer fulfilling? Are you burned out? Do you long for more passion in your career? Do you dream about doing something with your JD? Are you wondering what options are available? Do you want support to successfully transition out of practicing law?

Just in need of guidance

Life is hard. Everyone needs guidance at some point. I am here to listen with an empathetic ear and impart any knowledge that could be helpful!

Then HLC can help you!



Marlene is a certified life coach backed by years of experience as a successful lawyer. She understands and empathizes with the unique career challenges that lawyers face. She has practiced law in three different States and has experience in business law, public interest law, and civil litigation. Having transitioned into different areas of law herself, Marlene learned a great deal about the different environments and expectations of each practice area.

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Let’s face it, being a lawyer is engrained in us as a part of our identity. How could it not be? We spent so much blood, sweat, and tears to be able to call ourselves lawyers. After all that, are you truly happy?

Holistic Life Counsel is founded on the principle of incorporating your passions into your LIFE. Not just your career. In addition to your passion, your skills and goals will be assessed to come up with the perfect plan to get you where you want to be!