About Me

I suffered a mental health breakdown. 

If you think those are words you would not want your life coach to utter, I challenge you in that belief. At the time I was overworked, undervalued, and consumed by thoughts of billables and partnership track. I understand what it is like to feel consumed by stress and anxiety. It took me reaching a breaking point to finally get help and change my life around. I am now happier than I have ever been, but it took a lot of work to get there. Work that I hope to share with anyone else who needs it.  

I feel passionate about helping people discover and live their passion, even if it turns out not to be within the law. Unfortunately, most law schools do not prepare their future lawyers for the actual practice of law.  I spent years navigating the legal field with ZERO guidance. I worked as a public defender, a business lawyer, and a civil litigator. I have learned that each area of law presents different environments and expectations. With the information I have learned, I have been able to create a career that works well for me and my lifestyle, and I hope to do the same for YOU. I also understand that being a lawyer is STRESSFUL, and I can provide you with a realistic view of what to expect, how to prepare, or just be a shoulder to vent on! Obviously, I have been there a time or two, so no judgment here!

I am currently a part-time lawyer, certified life coach, masters student, condo owner, parent to two cats, and avid outdoor enthusiast. Although I have learned to love the practice of law (once I figured out what worked well for me!), I developed a passion for mental health (surprise surprise).  I am currently pursuing a masters degree in clinical mental health counseling and plan to become a licensed therapist soon!

Whether you are a lawyer feeling the need to transition, a recent graduate, or an aspiring lawyer, I would love to see if there is any way I can guide you through your life journey. Initial consultations are free, so there is no harm in finding out!


Questions? Please feel free to contact us!